Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nest Boxes Ready For New Season

I've already seen Carolina Wrens poking around the garage, presumably thinking about nesting sites. So it was high time for me to drag out the step ladder and do some final preparation of my nine nest boxes before the season starts in earnest. I cleaned out all of the boxes. This box had an interesting piece of Tufted Titmouse handiwork composed largely of cedar byproducts. I loaded the three boxes most appealing to Titmice and Chickadees with pine shavings (it will give this excavators something to do!) and laid down a thin layer of shavings in most of the rest. And I checked all boxes for sturdiness, squirrel guards, and drainage. I have high hopes that we'll get some good nests this spring and summer, if for no other reason than that I have put out so many opportunities that one is surely going to get a seal of approval! I'd love to see a successful Eastern Bluebird nest, but I've not been so lucky in recent years despite a promising start in '08. But we will welcome whomever chooses to use them. Now to sit back and wait...

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