Friday, April 9, 2010

Birding Mission Closes on High Note

My spring bird trek across Eastern North Carolina ended today, and on a high note indeed. Ninety feet up, to be exact, at a sweet location called Cliffs of the Neuse. This is a unique high point along the Neuse river that snakes from just north of Raleigh to New Bern and therein into the Atlantic. The cliffs were produced by a fault shift tens of millions of years ago. Today, it's a fantastic place to observe birds. I enjoyed looking eye to eye at warblers and a cool-morning symphony by dozens of species. And how can one fault any park that has a "Bird Trail"? The best moment was an encounter with a Northern Parula scarcely more than ten feet away, close enough to watch feathers and muscles quake with each penetration "zzzzzzzip UP!" song. Well, it's back home and the backyard reality. Time also to see what BirdCam recorded during my absence. But I'm already thinking about my next field trip!

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