Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Delights on North Carolina Sounds

On Day Two of my spring bird odyssey I visited two sites unfamiliar to me: Palmetto Peartree Preserve (a.k.a. "P3") on Albemarle Sound (NC) and Goose Creek State Park on Pamlico Sound (also NC.) The high heat persisted, but I managed to win some excellent bird encounters. P3, a remote location, offered a variety of woodpeckers and warblers. I enjoyed a Prothonotary Warbler, Yellow Breasted Chat, and heard Red Cockaded Woodpeckers. The highlight was seeing an Osprey building its nest (shown.) high atop a Cypress snag. Goose Creek has several watery jems included a Palmetto Marsh and several brackish estuaries. Again I enjoyed early Warblers (Northern Parula, Yellow Breasted Chat.) I'm certainly ahead of most of the migrants, but there was plenty to study. Tomorrow I'm taking a long look at Croatan National Forest south of New Bern. I'm hoping for more woodland delights.

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