Saturday, May 21, 2011

BirdJam Makes a Difference in the Field

Around the first of the year I uploaded the BirdJam app on my iPod, and with that (and my accompanying iBird app) pretty much said goodbye to the in-field guidebook. That is, the heavy paper version. I can't stop singing BirdJam's praises. It's a great tool to use to learn songs in the comfort of the armchair. Even more so, it's a fantastic aid on the trail. I've used it both to compare with songs I am hearing and zero in on the proper match. (An earphone in one ear is a kindness to the bird) I've also used it judiciously to coax behavior out of the birds. Sometimes this attracts attention, as with the case of an American Redstart two weeks ago. Sometimes less so, as with an Ovenbird today that clammed up when it heard the rival (BirdJam). I'm a better birder today with its help. Worth the price? Absolutely.

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