Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big and Bad

I have noted recently that the suet feeders are under heavy assault by some of the baddest dudes in the neighborhood: grackles and catbirds.  And they're being aided by a family group of especially hungry Red Bellied Woodpeckers.  But it looks like the rumble is being joined by another bad character.  I've been seeing this Blue Jay (or at least one jay) in recent days.  Evidently word has gotten around that there is quality suet being served here.  Well, as we have said we generally tolerate the "trash" birds and have had decent relations with the grackles for two years.  I'm hoping Mr./Ms. Blue Jay continues the good manners.  But here's the thing: suet might get cut off in June!  We shall see...

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Dawn A Crawford said...

Great photo David! We featured a link on the AudubonNC twitter account.

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