Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Mighty Voice

This is the time of year for birdsong.  And it seems, here in May, that the mightiest singing is being done by our old friend the Northern Mockingbird.  As with many of our passerines, we have several on or in close proximity to the property -- they never seem to need much of a territory.  And the males are in competition to outsing one another.  The one that's been using our northern feeders as a perch has demonstrated impressive volume and repertoire.  I even heard a Phoebe call from him---surprisingly, since I don't hear that species when I'm at home.  While working on projects in the yard this weekend I made an effort to count the species he reproduces and it's clear it's more than twenty.  Happily, this mocker is not hyperaggressive: the other birds are allowed to use the feeders while he performs.  I hope it keeps up!

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