Sunday, May 27, 2012

Putting Patience to the Test

It's bad enough that the Gray Catbirds are all-you-can-eat diners at the suet feeders, but our grackle family seems to be in on the same act.  Suet cakes are vanishing pretty quickly now: if one lasts two days I am amazed.  And thanks to BirdCam I can ascertain that the catbirds and grackles are the greediest takers.  Fortunately I am well supplied and know the consumption patterns now and can sit back knowing May and June are the last of the crazy months.  But after that I may shut things down and make these little piggies work harder for their meals!  This will be interesting...

1 comment:

Woodduck said...

My mockingbird is fighting off the red-breasted woodpeckers for suet.
My catbird can mimmic a blue jay!