Monday, May 14, 2012

Squirrel Update in the Twilight Zone

It is clear to me that I was wisked away to the Twilight Zone a long time ago.  In the Zone, I have found the squirrels to be right where I want them, and even more improbably, I can be complacent in the face of no less than four of them.  All munching seed contentedly below the north feeders.  And not causing mischief.  And so used to my not needing to harass them that they don't run off unless I get very close.  But facts are that the little SOBs are not causing sufficient nuisance to need harassing.  So the mystery deepens.  This has gone on for much more than a year.  It can't be possible that squirrels are so accomodating.  Do I want to leave this strange corner of the Twilight Zone?

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