Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Darn Shame

A recent walk at our largest metro park left me a little bit apoplectic.  We discovered a series of brand new bird boxes (presumably for Eastern Bluebirds) along the greenway trail, and from the signage, they're a scout project.  I spotted four, and am sure there are more along sections we didn't visit.  Unfortunately they are all doomed.  Not because they were badly sited -- a bit back in the woods, where the bluebirds don't want to nest.  Not because they were not of the best construction -- they lack amenities like ventilation holes.  But because they lack a $1.75 part: a squirrel guard.  One has already been chewed wide open by our little furry friends.  The others...it is only a matter of time.  And one wonders if any birds will use them.  One box was fully occupied by bees!  It's sad because some kids put time and money into the project, but were not properly advised.  And their work is already for naught.  One phone call to the nature center or cooperative extension service for advice, or consultation with someone knowledgeable would save the day.  A good lesson.

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