Monday, July 9, 2012

Birds in Black

I suppose that I should have expected it.  Last year I entertained, as the term might be, at least one Common Grackle.  The bird seemed well mannered and not too greedy.  And I comforted myself that despite the horror stories out there, my lone grackle would fit nicely into the backyard cafe culture.  That was then.  Now there is a complete family group, and they are much more dominating.  They're devouring large masses of suet, hogging bird baths when they stop there, and making their presence felt at all three feeder stations.  What they may be earning is a summer shutdown of feeders.  I will not encourage a mob.  I've been through this with squirrels.  And I am not going to let grackles upset the harmonious balance.  So I'm monitoring.  And I think that Bastille Day will mark my own liberation more easy access suet.  What about it, grackles?

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