Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tough Life for a Crow

Yesterday I was exploring a street's worth of public art downtown and found myself near the halfway mark watching the doings of a pair of of Fish Crows at the arts center.  This is a large two story structure converted from an old high school.  Fish Crows are virtually identical to American Crows in size and color and can't really be told apart except for their distinctive "Uh Oh!" call.  They're also increasingly common this far inland at all times of year.  This pair couldn't get a break at any of their perches at the busy intersection because they were being harassed by the smaller, feisty Northern Mockingbird which was presumably defending a territory in the Crepe Myrtles in the arts center courtyard.  This is proof that size matters not: the Fish Crows look at the crazed Mockingbird like we'd see an aggressive Pit Bull, I suppose.  And it reminded me how peaceful my backyard seems to be...

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