Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No Sounds of Silence

For the most part, fall is a very quiet season, bird-wise.  The early pre-sunset mornings are still, and I rarely heard anything that constitutes song.  Most of what does come out are call notes and expressions of unhappiness.  That is, except, for the Carolina Wrens.  These little devils defend territories all year.  And they will sing quite a bit.  There are definitely several contending in the property and I have watched disputes waged with furious sounds, some songs, and some dustups.  I'm not entirely certain they are the ideal songsters of fall.  I am appreciating the slow decrease in nature's background noise: the wrens are a very loud disruption of that peace.  But they're what we have and at least their antics are fine entertainment.  No sounds of silence from them...

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