Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Vegetation for Birds

It has been a busy autumn here at Cary BirdCam.  I've been landscaping for the birds.  Actually, I have been doing this over the years, but 2012 has been a particularly active year.  Out have gone junipers, mahonias, and nandinas.  In have gone species that I am optimistic will benefit the birds in the next 3-5 years.  Among these are dogwood, wax myrtle, deerberry, maple leaf viburnum, and beautyberry.  And my stock of native wildflowers and vines has never been greater: new additions have been wild ginger, dwarf crested iris, partridgeberry, spiderwort, and bee balm.  And I relocated my crossvine and coral honeysuckle to bright, sunny homes.  I think I am up to 38 native species of some kind (flower to tree) on the property.  And I keep discovering new ones that escaped my notice in the woody section!  In due course this property will blossom greatly and should benefit existing birds and attract new ones.  I can hardly wait!

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