Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Einstein Among Squirrels

Peanut Butter is a huge, irrestistable temptation to most wretched sciurus carolinensis, and now that our feeder is up for the winter, the squirrel(s) are trying to get at the stuff.  But I have a particularly crafty rat who has worked out some of the defenses against this effort.  Not that this one has gotten into the cage.  Not yet.  But it has figured out how to unscrew the bolt holding the entire assembly from its hanger.  Twice this season I have found the feeder on the ground, and each time I had secured the bolt as tight as possible.  I suspect the devil accidently discovered that by spinning the feeder the bolt could come loose.  Unfortunately I have no evidence.  But it is time to better secure the thing: maybe with a good "super" glue.  This one is an Einstein among squirrels!

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