Friday, November 16, 2012

Back in Dull

This week I have been taking photographs on the north (street) side of the property and marveling at the surprisingly varied traffic at the megatube sunflower seed feeder.  Some of the traffic has been exotic (e.g. towhees), some expected (e.g. House Finches), and some, well, I'm-not-surprised-but..., such as the finicky and unpredictable American Goldfinches.  The little hooligans haven't been the most obvious things in the past two months, but they're back, and now in their dull and drab winter plumage.  I'm never sure I really enjoy the idea they are in town as they eat like crazy.  But they also have their charms, drab as they now are.  So it will be a Goldfinch winter...should be interesting!

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