Sunday, November 25, 2012

Squirrel Update

Yes, dear readers.  It is time -- indeed, high time, for another update on the doings of those pesky tree rats here at the land of CaryBirdCam.  The little darlings haven't succeeded in causing massive havoc, but they are doing their best.  Seems that one of the rats managed to dislodge the peanut feeder and possibly -- (I have no photo evidence) a tube feeder by spinning the connection lose from its socket.  This phenomenon has migrated from one badly constructed weather dome to now two others.  I blame squirrels.  And the moonbat squirrel designated as "Bretley" (from our northeast vector) has been spending way too much time climbing up and around feeders at the main station.  So far with no results, but squirrels are idiots.  I am delighted that the rats are 0-for-100+ in attempts on the good stuff, but I am increasingly annoyed at their persistent efforts at the same.  It may be a long winter.

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