Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bird Baths Drawing Crowds

The two bird baths (one pedestal, one ground level) continue to do a land office business here.  One need only peer through the kitchen windows a minute or two before a customer comes in.  And the traffic includes a fairly wide variety of species.  Everyone needs a cleaning or a drink, even if not both -- at least at my place.  Although I am waiting to see if that changes.  Cardinals, House Finches, and Chickadees are there a great deal.  The only surprise has been the lack of need for the deicers: we've nearly reached the solstice and we've racked up all of eight nights when the temperature dropped below freezing.  Well, no matter, January is on the way and that's usually a different story.  And no ice will thwart the thirsty and dirty birds!

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