Sunday, December 23, 2012

Say It Ain't So!

Whilst walking in one of our fine municipal parks, we came across this jewel of a "bluebird box".  The sad thing was a mess: a scout project that breaks all kinds of rules.  Can you spot them?  (1) height at below eyeball level.  Should be much higher, (2) no predator guard (!), (3) no ventilation holes, and (4) it was actually set back in a woody section where no self respecting bluebird would nest, and (5) tree-mounted.  Sure, it is easy to check and clean out.  But we should think of the birds, yes?  I did give one point for the blasted thing: for having a sloped and overhang roof that helps to deflect rain.  But that's weak recompense for the other failings.  This could have been done better, and I hope homeowners do a bit better.  This ends the sermon.  :-).

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