Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Luck

Here's a run of surprising luck: just two days after coming across a Great Horned Owl at our nearby wildlife refuge---something I hadn't done in the past two years---I encountered the next size down.  This Barred Owl was found just across the creek separating the refuge from an adjacent municipal park.  And in both cases I must give credit to American Crows.  The gang I met Saturday (about two dozen birds) must be especially vigilant: one dozen birds picked out the Barred Owl.  But there was a difference.  GHO was not bothered by the crows.  BO was, and was desperately harassed, moving frequently but unable to evade the "bikers".  Well, that does go on in the wild.  But my fortune in two such encounters separated by a mere 46 hours is exceedingly unusual.  Call it New Years Luck!  I hope it keeps up...

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