Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Jinx

I had hopes of sharing some amazing stories from this year's edition of "Winter Coastal Birding", but my plans were foiled.  I seem to be vexed by a winter trip jinx.  In recent years this has involved damaged car, the flu, high wind, and more.  This year I managed to get myself in the path of "Nemo (South)" which featured high winds and a LOT of rain.  My first and only day was deep-sixed by that combination.  However I did get a look at Lake Phelps, the state's second largest lake, and a marsh trail at the head of the Scuppernong River, part of the great Pocosin Lakes Refuge system.  It was at Lake Phelps that I met this solitary Forster's Tern.  This bird was almost the only bird I really got a good look at.  Then there was a death in the family, calling me home.  So two more days out east remain only an alternate history scenario.  Better luck next time, whenever that may be...

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