Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I do not know why Double Crested Cormorants fascinate me.  But they are endlessly interesting.  We can see them in our largest metro park lake every winter (I believe they are considered year rounders here but I only recall seeing them in winter, but no matter.)  and sometimes in large numbers.  But as is their wont, they are often solitary, like this bird who made a perch from an old "no fishing" sign.  The DCCs are definitely elegant, but so are many others.  They have interesting behavior (especially their air-dry technique), but there's lots of interesting behavior out there.  But just perhaps it's that prehistoric look that I think is only matched by Great Blue Herons.  One can imagine Cormorants, or something like them, haunting cavemen, or giant sloths, or sabre tooth tigers.  It's a nice vision.  But I'll take the lakeside view and the idea that they're only scaring the fish.  It's a great winter experience.

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