Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Repeating the Cardinals' Trick

So sorry to be absent for the past several days, friends.  I took a turn for the worst in health and had several days "off the grid" in more ways than one.  Hopefully the worst is all behind me and I can focus again on happier doings.  Or in today's case, nutty doings care of a male Eastern Towhee.  (or is that Rufous Sided Towhee?... I get so confused).  It turns out this bird has taken to a behavior of the Northern Cardinals last year: terrorizing auto side mirrors.  The towhee has decided a rival lives inside those mirrors and spends much time charging them.  And getting quite frustrated that the "rival" seems to have the same idea.  Since my  birdfeeding is well known in the immediate neighborhood, one supposes this new pest will be blamed on me. Ha! ha!  well, that is nature.  I will be greatly interested to see how long this craze lasts.

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