Sunday, May 5, 2013

Catbirds Have Checked in for the Summer

As the last of our winter species (the White Throated Sparrows) make their way out, one of the last of the summer birds has reappeared.  I spotted my first Gray Catbird of the season Saturday.  And this bird was at a very familiar place: the bird bath.  I can count on catbirds to (a) devour suet, (b) devour any fruit -- like those nasty mahonia berries (that won't be with us anymore!--I pulled them out) and (c) bath a good deal.  I don't know if they are mostly fastidious or love the feeling.  It's plenty fun to watch and at a reasonable cost in suet.  The catbirds also entertain with their repertoire of strange calls and songs.  I should be able to hear them daily for the rest of the summer.  Let the follies begin! and welcome, catbirds!

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