Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Have a Bad Headache

No matter how well behaved a given squirrel may be (and mine seem behaved, or at least as much as a tree rat can be), there is a distinct bad feeling in one's head and gut when the number of such squirrels increases.  Until this weekend, I had illusions of four visiting squirrels -- our friends Chumley, Dudley, Lindsey and Bretley (all pop culture dumb-dumbs).  Today I counted ... seven.  OMG, as the kids type in their smart phone things.  Seven ... miserable ... squirrels.  I felt a dizziness, perhaps a bad headache coming on.  This is insane!  They must be coming in from more than half a mile.  Of course nature and bad luck will cull the herd a bit over time, but for now, I have a glut of them.  Lucky, lucky me.  And now I need to name how about adding Ratbert, Kelly and Joey (points if you get the references)...

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