Thursday, May 23, 2013

Seed Consumption Quite Variable

Long time readers may remember that this data-obsessive bird watcher has been recording birdfood consumption data since January of 2011.  I haven't reported in awhile, but I have been watching some of the trends.  It turns out the first 145 days of the last three years are not so easy to predict.  This is a time from peak winter consumption to near the peak of spring.  It's classic bird feeder time: low natural supplies plus onslaught of hatchlings.  I'm up 28 pounds of sunflower seed over last year (just over half a sack) but far behind 2011.  Yet safflower is steadily down...only 37 pounds so far this year which is a full sack and more below 2011.  The uptick in sunflower is almost certainly ascribable to the hit I took from siskins and Red Winged Blackbirds this winter.  But safflower?  there are as many feeders running and both cardinals and doves are plentiful.  It is a mystery.  More data are needed!

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