Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whither the Bluebirds?

Yes, it is another nesting season.  Yes, we have bluebirds around.  Yes, there are great nest boxes available here for them.  And, no (sigh) they nest elsewhere, as was true all last year.  I don't get it.  They love the food here, just not the lodgings.  So I watch the male in the backyard grab bits of suet and fly off to parts unknown to feed the missus.  Which seems to be back of two or three houses down.  And not long from now, they will of course bring the junior bluebirds here to eat, as they have for years.  That's it.  I sure would love to figure them out and keep the lot here, say, in that really nice bluebird on a post I put up expressly for them (!).  So we take what we get.  I won't complain a lot, after all, we do get bluebirds.  It's enough of a blessing.

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