Friday, June 21, 2013

Not Around, Maybe

Absenteeism is always a problem for the eager and anxious back yard birdwatcher.  It seems we're never able to see everyone who should be around.  And my list is long.  In recent weeks I can't recall seeing a Downy Woodpecker--or a Hairy.  Or a Pine Warbler.  No Flickers, and no Mockingbirds.  What on earth?!? They seem to waive off for periods of time, or at least I am quite unlucky when I am around.  And of course when one of these jokers does show up, my absentee list may pick up something else, say, a Brown Headed Nuthatch.  Quite the party! 

1 comment:

Woodduck said...

I could have your mockingbirds. They disappear in the winter...vestige of Jockey's Ridge.