Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Black Vulture Update

The adventures of the two Black Vultures continue!  Seems these devils have been quite the vexation at my office park.  For a run of two weeks they perched atop the building, and a thick trail of guano decorated the window of a senior vice president.  The birds were, we were told, "discouraged" by professionals.  (They are, after all, protected from serious harm by law.)  But they have returned and I've spotted them every day this week.  Clearly they have found something of extreme interest.  Something dead? yes, at least near enough to spot.  And the four story perch is helpful in spotting the carrion.  I can't say I know where these meals(?) are coming from, but I can say this will be a mighty tough nut to crack.  I can hardly wait to see what tactics are used next to...discourage.

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