Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Reflections on a Bird Bottle

Coming home today, my eyes were drawn as they always are to my Colonial Williamsburg "bird bottle."  We've had this thing for five seasons and it has mesmerized me into hopes each year that some bird----SOME bird----will use it.  It happened once, the year I affixed it to the house.  But those Carolina Wrens never repeated their use nor has any other bird done the same.  So that's one use out of perhaps fifteen available nesting windows.  I know the location worked once.  I know these bottles do draw birds (having seen plenty of evidence at Colonial Williamsburg itself.) But ... it ... doesn't ... work ... here.  Arggh!  And yes, I will probably look up, hopefully, next spring.  But for now I am sure this is now just an interesting decoration.  We shall see.

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