Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunflower Update

It really was inevitable.  And I saw it coming.  As readers may recall I planted a sunflower in the sun garden, and let several volunteers grow near the feeders.  And all grew to blossom this summer.  My hope was to indulge the seed eating birds.  But my suspicion was that the squirrels would get there first and end up destroying the plants.  While I was away in Wilmington last week the tree rats did destroy two plants -- completely!  Two remain.  And I caught one of the monsters gnawing on this flower head today.  Notice the gnawing sign at 3-o-clock.  Indeed, the birds will likely get zip.  This is not a major concern and the whole business was an experiment.  They are attractive flowers.  They do attract bees.  But the birds will have to be content with the stuff I buy at Family Home and Garden.  Live and learn...

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