Sunday, August 11, 2013

Native Plant Update

As readers may recall we have been steadily adding native plants to the property that will attract birds (among others).  Last fall's plantings have done exceedingly well, bringing brilliant blooms of Bee Balm, Stokes Aster, and Green Headed Coneflower (also, among others).  The current belle of the ball is a Beauty Berry installed in spring 2012.  This shrub actually yielded a few berries last fall.  It will offer many more this autumn.  And those berries will bring in the birds!  I am warned that this one will propagate wildly.  Oddly, this pleases me.  There's too much nandina, mahonia and privet out there.  And my native might have a chance against these unpleasant invaders.  And this fall...I'll be adding yet more delights.  In a few years this should be a fruiting paradise!

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