Friday, September 27, 2013

Missing Finches

And just like that: the finches vanished.  My favorite little seed eaters with prodigious appetites effectively disappeared from the scene over a week ago.  There are some birds that are present now and then, but the seed tubes have hardly emptied in many days.  So what's going on?  One distinct possibility is that seedy natives are being exploited.  One can't blame any bird for seeking a little change of diet so long as the food is easily accessible.  I have no clear idea where these plants are but weedy and meadowy patches are reasonably common in the immediate area, especially near our pond.  Another is that something discouraged the birds, perhaps in the line of predators.  And they have therefore found other feeders that seem safer.  This is not one I am sweating. Finches eat a lot and any vacation from that onslaught is rather welcomed here.  And the finches always return.  Always. 

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