Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pesky Garage Snoops

There are two kinds of beings that seem instinctively drawn to my garage.  I am one, perhaps know throughout the neighborhood as the guy-who-sits-just-inside-the-garage-and-watches-birds.  The other are wrens.  They like to investigate the garage in the spring as the ideal cave in which to build a nest.  This is pesky enough behavior because two wrens can build an impressive structure in very little time.  But lately one or more have taken to flying in and poking about even here in late fall.  It defeats my understanding what they are up to this time.  Catching spiders? no chance.  It may just be pure curiosity.  But it drives me nuts to go out there so often and discover one of these little fuzzballs sitting on a shovel or door support or whatever.  Birds are tough to understand.  And every so often they give me a new puzzle like this to solve.

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