Saturday, January 4, 2014

House Finches Lured By Casual Birdfeeders

I made a big effort to fill feeders Friday night, one of our coldest days of the past five years, in expectation that the birds would line up to stay warm the next morning.  Except that, nothing happened.  The feeders hardly dropped in seed level.  All day.  And the prime reason for that was the utter absence of piggy little House Finches (or any of their goldfinch, Chickadee and Titmouse allies).  All gone.  So what took place? why was I ignored this time?  My beloved postulated that on days such as that casual bird feeders swing into action and spread some seed, perhaps that lousy millet-and-white-striped-sunflower garbage mix, on a deck or on the ground, and that the birds keyed in on this new bounty.  As to why my more reliable supply gets the short shrift in favor of the new "stuff", I can't comment.  But it may make sense.  Perhaps the change of diet appeals to them.  Well, fine.  See you all when the short time stuff runs out!

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