Wednesday, January 22, 2014

There are Woodpeckers

There are not many species actively working the feeders this winter, but among the more reliable are those most feeder-oriented woodpeckers: the Red Bellied (shown) and the Downy.  I see them a great deal at the suet feeders here.  At this time of year they're both fairly quiet and unassuming, flying in and barely making a splash.  (The Red Bellieds become more pesky in April!) and between them they're doing a pretty good number on the suet cakes.  I am sure Hairys come by but much less often and I need BirdCam to really spot them.  And I am sure there are Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers around the area but they're as quiet and invisible as can be -- except that is, where they drill holes in selected Sweetgum trees.  Well enough, a few woodpeckers are welcome and keep up the variety.  There are, indeed, woodpeckers.

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