Friday, April 4, 2014

That's It For the Deicers

How quickly the seasons can change!  Just nine days ago we had our 70th, and I assume final, sub freezing night for the cold season.  And even as recently as Sunday it felt raw and arctic with a stiff wind.  Today, I read the ten day forecasts and have decided to take down the deicers.  It seems practically tropic and there are no signs of a relapse.  Even had we one, the latest it's frozen here in my time is April 19th (2001) and conditions couldn't support ice for long.  I am ready, psychologically, to move on!  So the summer bath will come out and I'll likely rig up the water wiggler which is a fine sign that the weather has normalized.  I am sure the birds will enjoy the sound of rippling water!

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