Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Bath. New Fountain. No Birds

This week I had the pleasure of installing a new bird bath in the sunnier part of the property (to complement and not replace the old baths out back), and I added a solar-powered fountain to create the irresistable sound of moving water.  After two days, and some BirdCam photo evidence, I have learned that the fountain works for about two hours: the panel must point at the sun.  I have also learned that no birds have dropped by for a visit yet.  The former is an unfortunate problem, but the latter can be fixed.  Birds usually need a few days to identify and inventory a new resource.  And as I only ended the two-week "Grackle Starve" at the feeders there are not a lot of birds hanging around for much time.  So I look forward to birds at the bath.  They just won't get the fountain much!

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