Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Slow Doings at Wrightsville Beach

During the last couple of days we made an excursion to a favored strip of sand in the charming town of Wrightsville Beach.  And each year I don't see much there.  Oh, there are the occasional Brown Pelicans.  And a Willet or two.  And terns a good bit out, fishing.  I've even seen Rock Doves (a.k.a Pigeons).   As always, the ubiquitous birds are Laughing Gulls.  They are well adapted to beach visitors, patrolling regularly (for handouts or an unguarded lunch) and even stationing themselves as sentries every few dozen yards or so.  I had the fortune of a sentry that is a second year bird.  At this age the plumage is nearly complete except for the grey cap instead of the all-black adult head.  But this bird was assertive and even charged an adult in my seeing.  Still, it was all slow doings.  Better luck next year!

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