Thursday, June 12, 2014


The seed feeders have been empty for most of a week (in an effort to discourage grackles) and it may be that my imagination is running away with me.  Case in point: the House Finches, or at least one particular male, is making more noise than usual.  The bird, when I observe, flies about the front of the house making an astonishing flapping sound.  And then it will stop, seemingly looking at me, and chirping a bit.  It's almost as if the bird is demanding that I refill.  Of course, this one is not necessarily an obnoxious sorehead.  But it is an interesting behavior I have not seen and the brain tries to explain it.  But if the bird is protesting, it won't work!  I'm not done with my purge.  So wait a few more days, finch!

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