Thursday, February 25, 2010

Most Unwelcome News

This female Gray Squirrel (the evidence is visible if you really want to verify) has been gorging herself, even desperately so, on the contents of one of the tube feeders for some days. This is a fairly pronounced increase in consumption, and it can only mean one thing. Sometime in the next few weeks we are going to have more squirrels. Oh wow! wonderful! joyful news. (a little sarcasm there.) I wouldn't doubt that the proud papa is the annoying alpha squirrel who cleans out the deck level platform feeder. I am already suffering the depredations of upwards of six animals (I had a seventh, but one of the neighbors was driving a little too fast recently) and the addition of one or more tree rat pups to the crowd is not a welcome development. Particularly as I was obliged to subsidize their development. Lots of thinking about how to deal with this lies ahead.

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