Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ever Surprising Hermit Thrush

Ever since my first encounter with a Hermit Thrush at our feeders in January '09 I have been increasingly impressed with the bird's pluck and cleverness. It has graduated from catching suet scraps below to figuring out how to get atop a suet basket to this: clinging to the "woodpecker-friendly" suet feeder. This photograph was taken yesterday. I should also say I am surprised to see one of these birds at all in the last week of March. Like its cousin the American Robin, this thrush is simply crazy for suet and peanut butter, but the Hermit Thrush has surpassed the Robin in terms of cleverness. And in this case, the reward was a generous one. It's too bad the Thrush will be migrating very soon, for I will miss even more interesting tricks it might have come up with. Alas...we must wait until midwinter to see that happen.

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