Friday, March 26, 2010

High Hopes For Bluebirds

We're fortunate in the southeast to enjoy Eastern Bluebirds year-round, assuming said bluebirds cooperate with the plan. Over the years, I'd characterize our visiting blues as "mostly cooperative." Now and then I don't see them, and they've not been highly receptive to nest boxes on my property. So far over winter they have been regulars at suet and peanut butter feeders and at the pedestal bird bath, and with nine nest box choices, I am hoping 2010 may be my year of the Bluebird. Only one spring (2008) did I see them attempt a nest at one of our boxes, and that was aborted fairly late in the game. They must nest nearby: after all I did enjoy the antics of "Baby Blue" last summer. I've made sure to put four boxes on or very near the treeline on both east and west sides. I'm figuring this provides every possibility for attracting an incipient bluebird family. We're down to crossing our fingers at this point. Time will tell.

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