Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last Call For Winter Species

We have passed the Vernal Equinox, officially ending winter, but happily my winter birds are still hanging on here. Over the weekend as I busied myself with yard and home projects I noted at least one visit by every one of those winter species save one: A White Throated Sparrow, Yellow Rumped Warbler, Slate Colored Junco, and Ruby Crowned Kinglet. The exception is the Hermit Thrush which I have not seen at least since Monday. I would not be surprised to know they moved on. And it will not be a surprise if some of these others return to their breeding ground this week. It has been a delightful winter with these friends, and I will look forward to their return some time in November, if not sooner. Well, perhaps except that nasty male Yellow Rumped Warbler. Him I can live without!

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