Monday, March 1, 2010

Ornery Warbler Gets His Due

I have reported during the Great Backyard BirdCount weekend that an aggressive male Yellow Rumped Warbler was driving off and otherwise harassing birds at three separate feeder stations. Since that time I have watched for developments and am seeing more evidence that the Warbler is getting pushback from his erstwhile victims. One delightful situation concerned our guest Hermit Thrush. Over the weekend I spotted the Thrush being dive bombed by the Warbler -- and giving back a sharp stab. The Warbler retreated, definitely chastened! Similarly, I am seeing more and more birds at the feeders, suggesting that the Warbler is losing some ground. And this BirdCam photo looks all the world to me like a female House Finch delivering a "message" to the Warbler. Well, if that and the rest of these observations are on the mark, I'm one pleased guy. This Yellow Rumped Warbler has been a pain in the neck and it's marvelous to see him get his due reward. That's the Law of the Jungle.

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