Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hermit Thrush Keeps Up Frequent Visits

For two consecutive winters we have enjoyed regular visits by a(?) Hermit Thrush. In 2009 the bird discovered our suet and peanut butter offerings in early January and visited frequently until migration called in March. I assume the same bird is our guest this winter: this bird arrived a little sooner and has been if anything a more frequent guest. There was a period of doubt in mid February---I didn't see it as often: possibly the aggressive Yellow Rumped Warbler was a discouragement. But "Hermy" seems to have restored balance at the suet basket and can often be seen on the deck railing, now and then leaping up, trying to hover, and grabbing bits of suet from the basket suspended above. It's generally pretty tolerant of me and allows me to get within five feet if I am in a picture taking mood. Having a Hermit Thrush about is a special treat. They're hard to spot, and I don't have the chance to enjoy their marvelous song in the cold months, but they're a handsome bird and a pleasure to watch. The clock is ticking: I only have a few more weeks at most before this one departs for breeding grounds, presumably in eastern Canada.

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