Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catbirds Return For Summer

There's no surer sign that summer is on the way than the arrival of the Gray Catbirds. We saw our first one during dinner, excitedly picking at two different suet baskets. Now, to be sure, the Catbirds are year-round along the southeast coast from New England to Texas, but at least in the Cary area I don't see them in winter: we must be near to the seasonal line. Catbirds are a delight to hear---I love their cat-like meow coming from the underbrush. On the minus side, they are ravenous feeders, tearing down suet cakes in record time and stripping berries from my Mahonias. In fact it won't be long before those berries ripen and then it's every thrush for himself. So, we have had at least one day with 90 degrees, the A/C is running regularly, and now the Catbirds are here. Summer is here!

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