Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting Down, Not Dirty

Yesterday I talked to the advantages presented by the Wingscapes Mounting Arm for BirdCam. That product does have its limitations, and one area is in really low (i.e. ground level) shots. I've done a fair amount of BirdCam photography at that level and was early on dissatisfied by just placing the camera on the ground itself. That works okay for getting at eye level with the very smallest birds, but it didn't do anything for me at the ground level bird baths, or where terrain was uneven, or where grass and other matter are thick. Table top tripods were not an answer as the camera is just too heavy for the models I tried, and one even sank into the ground! And hence this low tech solution: a common brick provided just enough elevation for my down-low needs. You'll see that there is another brick in the back: the one-brick method leaves the BirdCam vulnerable to being knocked over or askew by squirrels (and cats). Adding another layer makes things more secure. Bottom line lesson: it's okay to do what it takes to get the right shots. It may look silly, but the birds don't care and the the photos won't betray your dirty secrets! Keep on BirdCamming...

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