Friday, April 23, 2010

No, Nuthatches Still in Residence

It comes to pass rather often that I am easily fooled by bird behavior. To wit: Wednesday I got it in my head that the White Breasted Nuthatches had abandoned their box, that the presumptive hatchlings had fled, and that a Red Bellied Woodpecker was casing the joint. I resolved first opportunity to pull out the step ladder, inspect the leavings, and clean out the box for the next tenant. But last night, I only got within eight feet of the box avec l'├ęchelle when a Nuthatch poked its head out the box hole and gave me a good lookover. Clearly I was misinformed: the Nuthatches were still defending a nest, and thus I can safely infer that any hatchlings are still very much alive. Now, I didn't hear anything this time, so I am even wondering if the calls I heard previously were from an adult bird. No matter what, I am back to full vigilance in hopes of seeing the moment of the fledge, if it comes. Excitement builds!

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