Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Long Winter After All

In some ways, winter is taking its sweet time leaving the Piedmont. Today the temperature maxed out at 38 F, there is a chance of 1" or more of snow tomorrow, but more interestingly, a variety of winter species haven't left me yet. Today BirdCam spotted Yellow Rumped Warblers, birds that I was sure had migrated out. Yesterday there were White Throated Sparrows singing lustily. And this morning I saw a Slate Colored Junco hopping about and the Hermit Thrush attacking both suet and peanut butter. In fact, then only winter bird I didn't see any signs of this weekend were the Pine Siskins, but given that they were only in the company of my fickle American Goldfinches (which are not regulars these days), I can't be sure they haven't left. So remarkable as it seems, winter has just a little more fun in store for us. But I am certain it is on borrowed time and all these species may depart at any hour.

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