Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Suet Obsession

Not many weeks ago we enjoyed a return of active resident American Robins, and the primary pair, plus friends or relatives, have been feeding all over the place: the lawn, compost piles, and especially the suet feeders. Almost any time I wish I can watch one of these birds working hard for morsels. Like other thrushes, this species doesn't perch very well and thus the strategy is to leap up, get some kind of mooring attachment, flap wings furiously, and poke out a bit of suet. Often the bit falls to the earth and the Robin "descends" to recover it. What has been terrifically entertaining is that the current launch point is a nearby platform feeder which is stocked with hot pepper suet nuggets (essentially the same stuff as in the suspended cakes)...and these nuggets are entirely overlooked by the Robins. I'm not getting very impressed with their investigative capabilities. However it is a good show. And the suet obsession promises weeks of good fun.

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